We passionately believe that great coffee should be available to everyone

Exceptional coffee helps create exceptional experiences – and that should be available to everyone. We gave up our jobs and spent the last couple of years travelling the southern hemisphere, learning our craft from sourcing amazing beans to setting the perfect grind and preparing a great coffee. Now we want to share what we’ve learnt with as many people as we can.

We’re bringing our coffee to the streets of Oxfordshire

We’re called Pavement because that’s where the energy is – on the highstreets and beach fronts, at food and music festivals, and at farmer’s markets and shows. Serving up delicious coffee in our beloved Pavement Van alongside other like-minded food and drink entrepreneurs who share our ambition to deliver an exceptional taste experience, while being as healthily made and ethically sourced as possible.


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We’re also available to hire for weddings, events, festivals and celebrations

Great coffee makes everything better. So, whether you’re running a festival or an event, or planning a party or a wedding, Pavement Coffee could be the perfect addition to the day - putting a smile on people’s faces and a caffeinated spring in their step.

And we know what we’re doing

While creating Pavement we gained a great deal of experience running catering businesses in large and small festivals across the country. If you would like to see our Pavement Van we can send you pictures. And of course, if you’re in the area, why not drop by and try our coffee.


Our house coffee is sourced from a small independent roastery

They’re based in Hull and called ‘The Blending Room’ and we will also use guest beans from other exciting roasteries. 

Good espresso coffee is all in the extraction, so we use beans which are fresh but have had at least a week to develop the best flavours.

We favour light/medium roasts because it brings out more depth of flavour in the coffee and we ensure that that milk is heated to its optimal temperature to celebrate and enhance the great flavour of the beans.

We offer a range of alternative milks like soya and almond to cater for vegans and those who suffer from allergies or intolerances.

Our ethics

Our ethics are entwined with our product and are a massive part what Pavement Coffee is all about.

We want people to look at the bigger picture and the process involved from Farmer to Barista and understand that by buying speciality coffee they are investing in a chain of supply that benefits farmers who in the past have been exploited by big corporations.

All of our coffee cups and lids are fully compostable, and our coffee grinds are also composted or given away to customers for home composting. So, there will literally be nothing left behind but the warmth and pleasure of a fantastic cup of coffee.


The origin of our beans change according to the seasons


Nothing gets left behind but good vibes

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